Dynamic Discs Classic Soft EMAC Judge

The Dynamic Discs EMAC Judge changed my life

The Dynamic Discs EMAC Judge changed my life. Seems silly to think that a round piece of plastic could have such an impact. Let me explain.

    Six years ago I was introduced to the sport known as disc golf. Now I didn't know it at the time but this is the event that changed my life. You see I had stepped away from any kind of exercise and lived my life staring at one screen or another. I created virtual worlds and lived in them rather than enjoying the world we have just outside our window. I noticed walking and lifting had become more and more difficult over the years. Also the scales seemed to be constantly off. Adding weight weekly as I consumed and sat staring at whatever screen was available.

     It is ironic to mention living in a virtual world as I met my friend Carl while playing a popular survival video game known as Ark. We became friends and shortly after he introduced me to disc golf at our local course, Rolling Pines. I was immediately addicted. My values in life quickly began to change. I was exercising and actually enjoying it. Weight was coming off and I was starting my path to a healthier lifestyle. In 2021 I decided it was time to bring disc golf awareness to a new level. I began posting Disc Golf content on a fairly new app called TikTok. I met an incredible community of disc golfers on the platform and they helped push me to reach for my lofty goals with disc golf. It was time to open a store. I began planning every day and before I knew it on June 15th, 2022 I opened Off The Chainz. 

Fast forward to today and I am sitting here holding a beautiful bright pink perfectly beat in Classic Soft EMAC Judge writing a blog about a review I haven't even written! (Phenomenal disc! Full Review soon) 

With the Launch Party event happening in 2 weeks I am both nervous and excited for the future of Off The Chainz. I am excited to get more people involved with disc golf. I want more people outside taking control of their lives as I have learned to do these past 6 years with disc golf.

Disc golf has changed my life. Let us see if it can change yours too.





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