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Midranges give you the best of everything out on the course - a bit of distance and more control, creating a straighter, more stable flight path. For beginners and intermediate players, you can't go wrong with a midrange, but even more experienced disc golfers return to them for more narrow passages and aiming straight toward the basket.

Qualities of Midrange Disc Golf Discs

Speed rating and stability place midrange discs at a 4, 5, or 6 - right in between the swiftness of a driver and the control of a putter.

What makes a midrange stand out from other disc golf types? For starters, it's wider than putters and drivers. Yet, a shorter rim, combined with this attribute, helps it glide a farther distance than a putter. However, as one of the best beginner golf discs, its shape is ideal for getting a firm grip and practicing shots and provides more consistency than a fairway or distance driver.

Where midranges intersect with drivers is flight patterns. You'll encounter some disc golf discs that can fly in a fairly straight line, while others are more over- or understable. This results in more turnover and fade compared to what you'll get from a putter. Yet, a farther distance and glide compensate for these qualities.

Speaking about distance, expect a midrange disc to travel an average of 300 feet, although more skilled players may be able to throw up to 450 feet.

When to Use a Midrange

Because midranges are the most versatile discs in your bag, they serve a wide range of purposes:

  • They provide the right amount of distance and control for players getting used to the game.
  • For kids interested in disc golf, a midrange's rim shape and distance are ideal for getting a grip and learning technique.
  • Advanced players wanting to travel a longer distance in a straight line will often reach for a midrange over a fairway driver.
  • Players working on practicing their arm find they get more control with a midrange.
  • They offer all the characteristics needed for hyzers, anhyzers, and fades.
  • Midranges also suit longer shots - over 150 feet - that are too far for a putter.

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