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Disc Golf Putters

Putters and the skills you build with them are key to hitting the basket and making that shot. Compared to all other disc golf discs, putters have the slowest speeds and the thinnest rims. These characteristics allow for less deviation, creating more of a straight path and not flying too far when you don't make the shot.

Qualities of Disc Golf Putters

Although you might not start with putters, they're essential for your short game - scoring and more.

All disc golf discs are rated on speed and stability, and disc golf putters are a 2 or 3 based on their characteristics. Visually, putters have a deeper rim with a more rounded shape, and while these factors influence its aerodynamic qualities, they increase the control you have over your shot and the chances you'll land in between the chains.

With these qualities, too, putters glide an average distance of 150 to 200 feet and are less likely to skip compared to drivers and even midranges.

Using A Disc Golf Putter

While a putter is key for aiming for a shot and scoring, it proves to be an asset in several other scenarios. For instance, you're looking to throw straight over any terrain, including downhill and through a tunnel, a putter tends to be the best disc for the job.

However, compared to midranges, fairway, and distance drivers, a putter's use will be limited. For example, while you might see some pros throw this disc as far as 300 to 400 feet, this takes a significant amount of skill. The typical casual player will benefit more from a midrange or a driver in this scenario.

As well, not all terrains are ideal for putters. You'll notice your score creeping up if you attempt to throw it against the wind or on an incline.

But, for beginners, the slower speed and shot-making qualities are essential for handling and getting a sense of the game. As such, wherever you're playing or practicing your shot, have a few midranges and putters available. Once you're comfortable with gripping this disc and see your technique improve, it may be time to move up to drivers.

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